Regular opening hours: Thursday 3 - 5 pm and by appointment, guided tours also by appointment.

Admission: free

Head of the collection: Prof. Dr. Stefan Lehmann
an Lehman

Address: Archaeological Museum of the University Halle/Wittenberg, Universitätsplatz 12, 06099 Halle
+49 345 5524018


The ROBERTINUM houses a collection of ancient art containing plaster-casts of major examples of sculpture and also several antiques. The exhibition shows the development of the cultures of Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. We are particularly proud of some beautiful examples of black- and redfigured vases, replicas of architectural sculpture from the sanctuaries of Olympia and Delphi and replicas of Heinrich Schliemann's treasure finds from Mycenae.
The museum is located in a building which was built for this purpose. It was opened in 1891 by the famous German archaeologist Carl Robert, for whom it was named in the 1920s.